Local government leadership

Australian approaches, skills and experience for climate change responses have strong roots in the local government sector.

The use of decision-making tools, collaborative approaches, and building community ownership of decisions are  founded by municipalities tackling the issues that are the most pressing for their local situation.

In many municipalities, especially in coastal areas, local governments have been planning for climate change resilience for years and are now shifting into implementation and action on the ground.  The need to ‘mainstream’ consideration of future climate into  decisions applies to all traditional areas of local government responsibility including transport, planning controls, community health and wellbeing.

Climate Change Services Australia

CCSA was established to promote and share skills and experiences, facilitate strategic government and business relationships in responding to climate change. We are seeking to engage with local governments, in the following ways:

  • Assist with contacts in climate change services, including suppliers, advisors, or project partners
  • Provide opportunity to hear the latest from experts and peers, to strengthen climate change adaptation and resilience.

If your local government has a particular need for assistance or a general query, we’d be happy to explore.


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