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Making the most of electricity and water for wineries and the food industry

24 November 2017

The South Australian Wine Industry Association presents a panel discussion specifically tailored for wineries, vineyards and the food industries.

Experts including brokers, resource efficiency consultants, network operators, will explain some of the main questions and challenges in how you consume electricity and water.

  • How is the changing climate impacting energy and water costs?
  • Why are SA electricity prices so high? What are the causes?
  • How are water and energy linked?
  • How to understand your electricity bill?
  • Network tariff changes: how are they structured and how can I minimise my costs?
  • How can I reduce my energy and water consumption?
  • How can I better manage my demand for energy and water?
  • What are my storage options for energy and water?
  • How can I get a better price for my energy and water supplies?
  • What’s the government doing to help?

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Designed for

Anyone with responsibility for purchasing electricity and managing production including:

  • owner/operators
  • site managers
  • production supervisors
  • purchasing and financial officers


Mark Gishen, The South Australian Wine Industry Association
Damian Edwards, CQ Partners
Darren Egel, SA Power Networks
Nick Palousis, 2XE
Rohan Wighton, Glaciem Cooling Technologies
Sam Crafter, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Energy Implementation Team
Jacob Mahoney, Flowpower
Andrew Nance, The Energy Project

Costs: Single tickets $40  (or included in overall symposium cost)

Location: Hilton Hotel, Adelaide, 233 Victoria Square/  Tarntanyangga

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